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Our mission is to educate health care practitioners on the subject of endometrial neoplasia, and constructively apply scientific advances to improved diagnosis and management of women with endometrial cancer and its precursors. 

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Contents  A Focus on Premalignant Lesions of the Endometrium

1)Online Mini-Lectures (for pathologists and gynecologists):  These are a series of 15-20 minutes lectures for pathologists and gynecologists on the subject of endometrial pathology. Presented by Dr. Mutter using the latest rapid downloading Flash technology, these include animated powerpoint presentations with accompanying narration.  Random access to all slides and easy to use navigation tools make these talks very user friendly. 

2)Postgraduate Educational Courses for Pathologists which include EIN diagnostic strategies.

3)EIN Central (for diagnostic pathologists): Endometrial Intraepithelial Neoplasia, EIN is the histopathologic presentation of premalignant endometrial disease.  Background and diagnostic aspects of EIN are presented. 

)PTEN Central (for researchers): The PTEN tumor suppressor gene is the most commonly mutated gene in endometrial precancers and cancer, and an informative marker for delimiting neoplastic from normal background endometrial glands. 

5)Data repository.  Histology-genetic correlations, and microarray expression data.  Includes histology image libraries with ancillary information.

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